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Truck wraps are an effective  way for businesses to display their logos and brand while on the road. A truck wrap is a large vinyl decal that is applied to the surface of a truck. This form of vehicle branding is similar to other forms of vehicle wrapping such as commercial wraps, fleet wraps, van wraps, and van graphics. However, truck wraps are specifically designed to fit the unique shape and size of a truck.

SCGC F250 Full Wrap.png


The process of creating a truck wrap begins with the design phase. Our graphic designer will create a design that incorporates your logo and branding. The design is then printed on vinyl, which is then expertly cut and applied to the truck. The process of applying a truck wrap is quick and easy and does not damage the paint of the truck.

One of the main benefits of using truck wraps as a form of vehicle branding is the ability to create a consistent and recognizable brand awareness. When a company's trucks are wrapped with its logo and brand, it creates a strong visual impact that cannot be ignored. This is especially effective for businesses that make deliveries or have vehicles that are frequently on the road. In addition, truck wraps are a cost-effective way to advertise a business. They are much less expensive than traditional forms of advertising, such as television or print ads, and can be easily changed or updated as needed.

Another advantage of truck wraps is flexibility in design, it can be as simple as a logo and contact information or as complex as a full color design covering the entire truck. This allows companies to be creative and showcase their brand in a unique and eye catching way. In addition, truck wraps can also be used to add a safety element to a vehicle, adding reflective materials or high visibility colors to make the truck more visible on the road.

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